Maine Mental Health Counselors Association


Legislative Update!

The Maine Mental Health Counselors Association (MEMHCA) is Maine's only organization exclusively for licensed clinical professional counselors. MEMHCA is a branch of The American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA). MEMHCA is the organization that supports LCPCs with education, advocacy, leadership and collaboration.

Susan Collins has now signed on as a co-sponsor of S 1879, the Medicare-fix legislation in the Senate.  We now have all four of Maine's congressional delegation signed on to the house or senate versions of this important legislation! 

Next steps include continuing to lobby for this on the national level. We need Maine LCPCs to look at the list of Senators and Representatives who have not signed on. If you have family in those states, please send them the link and ask them to request their legislators sign onto this bill. 

​Go to and search for HR 3032 and S 1879. Look at the list of people who have and have not signed on, then reach out to family and friends you might know in those states.

AMHCA has additional information on this update here.

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